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4. Poor on-page optimization.

SEO SignAs the search engine algorithms are able to detect attempts at gaming the system, it places a far greater emphasis on sending accurate, trustworthy signals. There are two in particular that we most frequently see:

  • Title Tag – This is the 65-character line of text that describes what the page is about. It displays in search engine results and prospective new patients use it to decide whether to click to visit your website. Often, repairing this critical aspect and using today's best practices can produce noticeable improvements in website performance.
  • NAP – Similarly, optimizing the way your practice Name, Address and Phone number display on the website (and on other websites that refer to you) can create some immediate gains among data aggregators and online directories. Your practice details reside in sometimes hundreds of databases across the Internet. Creating consistency is a simple, yet important housekeeping chore that can produce immediate improvement.

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