2. Lacks authority.

TrustYou have two reputations.

Your real world reputation produces delighted patients who tell their friends about your incredible chairside manner. You're known for your precision, creative restoration and ability to improve just about anyone's smile. It's what you set out to do when you first established your practice. Congratulations!

Your other reputation is your online reputation with Google and the others. Unfortunately, your real world reputation is of little help here. Instead, search engine algorithms are far more interested in how many other websites link to yours. How many times is your practice mentioned in articles, positive reviews and online directories? It may not be that you have a poor online reputation; you may not have much of one at all.

Combine this with a website that only has a handful of pages with skimpy or generic content that hasn't been touched in years, and you have the makings of a website that gets pushed further and further away from the action.

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