Six Causes of Underperforming Websites

These days, simply having a practice website isn't enough.

Strategies that worked a year or two ago can quickly fall out of favor as the Internet continues to evolve and competition increases for the growing number of new patients who use the web to find a dentist.

Neglect your practice website for a season and it can quickly fall out of favor with search engines and send an unhelpful message to prospective new patients who hit the back button and keep searching.

When we perform a website audit among our newest clients who already have a practice website, here are the 6 most frequent shortcomings we see:


1. Out of date.

Color WheelDoes your website sport the equivalent of shag carpeting and a velvet Elvis over the sofa?

Like hairstyles and fashion, your website design, color choices, and functionality are clear signs to today’s Internet-savvy browser of your website’s age. The blocky layout, the dependence upon Flash elements or some other exclusionary technologies are obvious giveaways.

These aesthetic shortcomings, however, pale in comparison to a far more serious flaw: a lack of responsive design.

As more and more people use their tablets and smartphones as their primary way to browse the Internet, it's crucial that your practice website have the intelligence to adapt to the screen size and bandwidth capabilities of mobile devices.

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