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Trusted Smiles Dental Care in Gahanna – New Site Launch!

PrTrusted Smiles Dental Care Websiteacticing family dentistry for over two decades, Dr. Jeff Kover’s dental offices are located in the Ohio cities of Columbus and Gahanna. He was raised in a family of four children, and while his siblings were learning their ABCs, Dr. Kover was learning about human anatomy. Eventually, he felt compelled to focus on the field of dentistry, after realizing his passion for helping people achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Smile Marketing is pleased to introduce the new website launched for Dr. Kover’s practice – Trusted Smiles Dental Care! As a premium service client, Trusted Smiles’ site launch consisted of an SEO review, as well as custom content and website design. As our marketing efforts progress, we are excited to see the practice grow with a consistent stream of new patients.

In addition to general dentistry services, his practice offers Fastbraces orthodontic treatment for a quicker and more comfortable teeth straightening solution.

Dr. Kover relates to his patients so well because he understood from an early age the anxiety that often surfaces from sitting in a dental chair. That’s why he is dedicated to creating as relaxing of a dental experience as possible.

Outside of work, he enjoys tending to his garden, vacationing with his family, and cooking up delicious meals for his friends.