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3 Social Media Post Ideas


With Facebook’s billion-plus active user base, people now spend more time scanning their newsfeeds than checking their emails. That makes Facebook a powerful medium to communicate with current and prospective patients.

Of course, newsfeeds are a cluttered space. Are you standing out from the crowd? Consider these three post ideas to give your Facebook strategy a facelift.

  1. Ask a question

People enjoy talking about themselves. Pose a question to your Facebook followers about their daily habits. Then ask them to like, comment, or share your post.

  1. Offer an interesting statistic

After finding a story, fact, or video you believe the average patient might find surprising, share it on your page. 

  1. Post an inspirational message

Whether it’s on a business page or on one of your friend’s pages, you’ve probably seen motivational posts. For many people, they can’t help liking or sharing this type of content.

Get a Free Social Media Evaluation

Posting on your Facebook page is one thing. Running an impactful social media campaign is entirely different.

If you want more than just post ideas, request a free social media evaluation that reviews internal marketing strategies and ideas to attract more new patients.

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