Social Media Management

Social Media WebFacebook and other social media platforms are marketing channels that help strengthen your brand. By cultivating patient community – while advertising to prospective new patients – Facebook helps you engage your current patient base and increase your new patient reach.

This boosts your profitability in several ways:

  • Patient retention: Staying in touch with patients who follow you encourages repeat visits
  • Upsell opportunities: Educating patients on their oral health allows you to “upsell” your services.
  • More referrals: An active social presence boosts top-of-mind awareness, which reminds patients to refer you when the time presents itself.

Facebook also aids conversion, as prospective new patients often browse social profiles before making a financial decision – especially decisions pertaining to their health.

The medical industry, as a whole, functions on patient trust. By visiting a dentist, people are trusting someone else to handle a valuable part of their body – their teeth.

And an active social presence, coupled with an active following, provides social proof in itself.


Dental Facebook Advertising

Imagine a promotional channel in which you can target the gender of a prospect, their age, and their proximity to your practice. Now imagine doing so at a very low cost.

This is the power of Facebook advertising.

Maybe you’ve dabbled on social media and have yet to see results. But one month of Tweets and Facebook updates isn’t going to attract a swarm of new patients. It’s the culmination of creating engaging content, building patient community, and running optimized ad campaigns.

Traditional advertising – such as direct mail, magazine ads, and billboards – are becoming less and less effective. And while these old-school marketing tactics can still attract new patients, they typically do so with a much lower ROI.

Moreover, social media advertising gives you transparent tracking, where you can determine the precise cost per new patient converted.

Facebook’s vast ad targeting options allow you to hone in on your ideal patients.

For example, you could market to young mothers by targeting 23 to 30 year-old females who live within 20 minutes of your practice. Or you could run an ad for prospective geriatric patients by targeting older people.

The opportunities are endless.

Where Smile Marketing Comes in

Simply creating a Facebook page is not enough. A robust social media strategy requires a proper setup and strategy, as well as ongoing management and maintenance.

Social Media AdsThis involves implementing cohesive branding, keeping active with creative content, and developing an engaged patient community.

Your social presence should showcase your personality. It shouldn’t be a generic strategy that is templated to all dentists. Your Facebook page should focus on your ideal target patients.

This is an essential part of the Smile Marketing Social Media Management service. Your dedicated Social Media Manager will work closely with you to ensure that your Facebook page is authentic to your practice – and that its assets help support your goals.

We'll build out the perfect combination of educational and promotional content. Remember, your social presence isn’t a place to sell, sell, sell. It is a platform to engage patients and then call them to action when the time is right.

We’ll strike the right balance between social engagement and the call for action.

Additionally, our advertising specialists will use Facebook’s paid ad solution to drive more new patients to your doorstep.

Onboarding & Setup

• Research profile, followers, and reviews
• Strategy session with Social Media Management
• Build monthly content strategy and implementation
• Design and apply Facebook branding
• Optimize profile with compelling written content
• Set up chat, call-to-actions, and other assets
• Build and launch Facebook Ad campaigns

Management & Support

• Dedicated Social Media Manager
• Maintain content calendar with client collaboration
• Publish compelling content with patient engagement
• Monthly reporting provided to client
• Boost patient referrals and retention
• Gain patient insight and adapt accordingly
• Monitor and adjust ad budget & strategy

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