Social Media

Social Media SignSocial media provides a great opportunity for dentists to engage with patients online. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become essential parts of the average patient’s daily life. And a presence there allows you to connect with current patients, while reaching prospective patients at the same time.

So what can social media marketing do for your practice? It allows you to:

  • Maintain ongoing communication with existing patients
  • Provide high visibility to local prospective patients
  • Build an integrated online marketing strategy that will attract more new patients

Moreover, search engines like Google seem to place some weight on social signals. This means your “popularity” on social media can have an impact on your website’s overall search engine rankings. In addition, having an active social media presence helps stimulate online engagement with your patients. This builds your online search engine authority while powering a patient referral machine.


Don’t have a Facebook Business Page setup yet for your practice?

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