A Dental Practice Website Is Entirely About Conversion

Which would you prefer? A website that gets 100 visitors and two become patients? Or a website that gets 10 visitors and three become patients?

While other dental website providers misdirect your attention with their SEO (traffic) and social media overtures (traffic), what you really want is new patients (conversion).

New Dental Patients

Seduced By a False Proxy

Here’s the biggest misconception of all: high Google ranking = more new patients.

It’s not necessarily true.

We learned this lesson the hard way. In the early years, we had clients who ranked in the number one position for the most profitable, new patient generating keywords. But they quit our service.

Because they weren’t getting new patients.

Turns out, high search engine ranking is not a guarantee of new patients. It’s a false proxy.

It may produce a lot of traffic, but that doesn’t automatically mean they become new patients. You don’t want “hits” or “clicks.” You want new patients. Which is why we have a passion for the art and science of conversion.

How to Convert Visitors Into New Patients

New Patients SilhouetteDelivering on the Smile Marketing promise of producing new patients is a two-part process. Part science and part art.

The Art of Conversion starts with an unusual assumption: nobody really knows what prompts a visitor to pick up the phone and make an appointment! However, everyone has a few hunches:

  • An aesthetically pleasing website design and layout
  • Professional photography of your team and facility
  • Compassionate copy that connects and builds rapport
  • Intuitive navigation and a great user experience
  • Content that differentiates your practice with a call to action

Just about everyone has an opinion about these and other aspects of a high performance practice website. And that’s the problem. It’s merely an opinion.

The Science of Conversion eliminates the hunches, personal preferences and cookie-cutter solutions:

  • Employing heat map technology to track where visitors click
  • A/B testing that measures the behaviors of actual visitors
  • New Patient Tracker data showing what pages actually convert
  • Identifying and improving the pages new patients visited last
  • Testing email subject lines to maximize open rates

In other words, we let the data speak for itself. If some new design, feature or innovation doesn’t convert visitors into new patients, we abandon it and move on.


How Many More New Patients Do You Want?

Conversion is a game of inches. Anywhere you can improve, you must. Especially as online competition for every new patient prospect continues to increase. Today, simply having a website isn’t enough. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, or you’ve traded a patient’s crown for a website, it’s time to get serious.

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