Our Simple Editorial Philosophy:
For Patients. By Patients.

Orange fish

If you want to learn about water, don’t be asking a fish!

If you want to learn about water, don’t be asking a fish! Granted, they’re in water 24/7 and that’s all they know. But bridging the gap to someone who is afraid of water or apprehensive about water and all bets are off.

You and your website are a lot like the fish. Your website is for patients.

While we regularly consult with dentists, there is not a single dentist on staff at Smile Marketing. We’ve turned that into a strategic advantage.

The Patient’s Point of View

Since your website is for patients and the emails we send on your behalf are for patients, we’re experts. We’re keenly aware of the prospective new patient’s concerns, fears and anxieties.

So, when we select topics for your online eLearning, weekly blog posts or the articles for your monthly patient eNewsletter, our goal is to create content that is relevant, engaging and sensitive to issues facing today’s dental patient.

All this while professionally presenting you as the dental authority in your community.

Content That Uniquely Reflects You

Smile Marketing clients appreciate the fact that they can preview each newsletter and each piece of content before it is posted or sent to patients.

We’re happy to make modifications based on your unique practice philosophy, preferences or for any other reason. Just let us know. Or use the handy console if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

Remember, Smile Marketing is a website service. We do all the work—you get all the new patients.

Content That Inspires Action!

The Smile Marketing content team has a real knack for presenting oral hygiene and overtures for supplemental services that avoids being preachy. Or that produce guilt or shame.

Instead, our editorial philosophy centers on creating hope, showing possibilities and inspiring your patients to be better stewards of their oral health. Smile Marketing clients report that this approach tends to attract a higher quality patient who shows up in your chair more like a partner than a patient.

Learn More About Our Editorial Philosophy

If you have been waiting for a reason to put your practice on the Internet or to improve your practice's online presence, now may be the time. Call us with any questions!