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Why Dentists Should Invest in Professional Photography

photographerYou know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, in online marketing it certainly rings true. When it comes to your dental practice website, it is well worth it to invest in professional photography.

Humans are highly visual creatures, so use that to your advantage by providing nice, professional visuals of you, your staff, and your office on your website that will attract the attention of your website visitors. Plus, studies have shown that people trust a local business more when there is a photo of the owner on the business website.

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Is Your Dental Practice Website Visually Appealing?

Your website’s design and overall image is very important because a person typically decides if they like a website within the first 0.05 seconds of visiting it. Having professional quality photos of your staff, office, and yourself is eye-catching and likely to grab the attention of the prospective new patients visiting your site.

You may think that your smart phone takes pretty good photos, and it probably does, but don’t rely on amateur snapshots from your phone or point-and-shoot camera for the main images on your practice website. What you won't get with iPhone photos is professional lighting, which makes all the difference.

While self-taken photos are still better than no photos at all, it is easy to tell the difference between amateur and professional photography. In the end, professional photos just look better. Simple as that.

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Earn Trust with a Doctor Headshot

dentist headshot

As we mentioned earlier, studies show that website visitors instinctively trust a business more when the site displays a photo of the owner. And when it comes to the medical field, trust is of the utmost importance. A website visitor will not be interested in what you have to offer if they don’t trust your business.

KissMetrics describes an art website that tested this theory by replacing photos of the paintings they were selling with headshots of the artist and they saw a 95% increase in conversions!

A professional headshot, along with other professional photos of you with your staff, shows potential new patients that you are a real person; they can put a face with a name and start to trust you as a legitimate medical professional.

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Tips for Your Photoshoot

  1. Think about the types of shots you want beforehand and discuss with your photographer so everyone is prepared ahead of time for the photoshoot. It is very important to ensure you get a variety of photos that will be useful for all your marketing needs.
  2. Avoid the "neutron bomb effect" in which you have a lot of photos of an empty office. Prospective new patients want to see that your practice is busy, successful, and full of happy patients!
  3. Be sure to have anyone who appears in your photographs (staff, patients, family members, friends) sign a photo release form. Click here for a sample form.

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Convert New Dental Patients with Professional Website Photos

The image you convey to your website visitors sets the tone for how they feel about you and your practice. Capture the attention of these potential new patients with high quality photos of you, your office, and your staff. Professional photographs will serve you well for years, showing your potential new patients that you are the dentist they can trust!

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