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How About Rankings?

Studies show that 75% of people performing an online search do not go past the first page of results.1

local-seoWhile this does mean that you have a better chance of being found when you’re ranking on page 1 for your target keywords, it does not automatically mean new patients. A new patient who found you on page 2 is worth much more than a website visit from someone who saw you on page 1, but never becomes a patient.

When will page 1 rankings not help you?

  • When you’re ranking for keywords with a very low search volume
  • When you’re ranking on page 1 for irrelevant keywords

So, are keyword rankings important? Yes! But they are not the whole story.

If you are receiving a keyword ranking report from your SEO company, make sure that the keywords they are reporting on are relevant and popular. Ranking on page 1 for 100 keywords is wonderful, but not if you aren’t getting new patients! Read more about our keyword rankings philosophy here.

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