Building a Prosperous Social Media Strategy

Ellen Horton

By Ellen Horton

Published January 3, 2019
Updated September 30, 2020

1 min read

Social Media MobileImplementing an effective social media marketing strategy may seem simple. After all, most people already know how to use Facebook.

Building a custom website requires coding and design experience, which requires extensive training. Posting a fifteen-word status update on your Facebook page?  It could take less than a minute.

Social networks let businesses take “the easy way out” of marketing.

But building a dynamic social media marketing strategy is anything but easy. It requires planning, ongoing management, and if you go the paid advertising route, some technical ability.

Here are a few ingredients of a prosperous social media strategy:

  • Branding your page so it’s consistent across all marketing channels
  • “Humanising” your page with personalised content
  • Monitoring what type of content performs best and adjusting
  • Employing the right mix of entertaining and promotional content
  • Running ad campaigns that produce a high return on investment

Social Media Management Service

Sound daunting? We’re here to help. Announcing our new Social Media Management Service, which takes the guesswork (and all the work!) out of running your social media.

Included in the service is a complete onboarding and setup process, followed by ongoing management and support.

Your dedicated Social Media Manager will work with you to maintain a content calendar, publish compelling content, and report monthly on key performance metrics. Additionally, our team will manage paid Facebook Ad campaigns to grow your patient roster.