Questions to Ask a Prospective Web Host

#3 – How long does it take to make website updates?

How long will it take?Your website will never be "done." Besides continually adding content, you'll likely have changes to your practice hours. Or a change in the make up of your team. Or you'll add some new service or technology.

How long does it take to get these sorts of changes made?

Naturally, if you're managing your website yourself, you'll be responsible for making the updates. Make sure doing so is easy, else you'll be less inclined to make the changes and soon your website will be horribly out of sync with the practice it is supposed to represent.

If you work with a freelance graphic designer whose career goal is to create "digital art," the more pedestrian obligation of making updates to an existing website is rarely a priority. Some clients complain that it practically requires a court order to get even the most basic changes made. Find out!

When working with a company that specializes in serving dentists, you'll want to find out the typical turn around time for making website updates. It can vary from a day to even as long as a week. If you sense this is a weakness, ask to speak to a couple of their clients.


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