Questions to Ask a Prospective Web Host

#1 – How will the content of my website be created?

Dental website content bubblesIt's true, "content is king." The content of your website is why prospective new patients and visitors come to your site. They want to learn about you. Determine whether they trust you. And be coaxed to make a decision to choose you. Creating the content of your site is crucial, especially since you're not a professional copywriter or in the habit of persuasively promoting yourself.

If you choose to go it alone, the responsibility for creating the content to populate your website will fall on your shoulders. This is also true if you choose a local graphic designer or Webmaster who lacks a writing staff.

If you choose to work with a national company specializing in dental websites they will often have writers on staff to help rewrite the content that you will be expected to supply.

One of the innovations Smile Marketing has pioneered is the content interview. We conduct a 45-minute telephone interview that is recorded and then used by our professional writing team to create original content about you and your practice for your new website.

We use a similar approach to produce regular blog posts that uniquely reflect the tone and philosophy of your practice.

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