Questions to Ask Yourself

#3 – How involved do I want to be before and after launch?

Responsive Dental Website DesignWhether you secure a design company to create your website, or go it alone, you'll want to know how much time and money will be needed to maintain its ongoing performance. Like your automobile that requires fuel and maintenance, your website will need some TLC as well.

Used to be that you could create and launch a website and pretty much forget about it. Like a modern day yellow page ad.

But not any more.

Getting the most from your website investment will require at least a modest amount of time and attention. That can mean anything from promoting your website on business cards, letterhead, and signage to adding new patients as website subscribers to periodically adding fresh content or acquainting patients with helpful resources on your website. Best results occur when you and your team link the real world with the virtual world.

Some of this can be delegated to the company that hosts your website. Which leads to the questions you'd want to ask the company who will be managing your website.

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