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#2 – How will I know if my website is working?

New Patient TrackerYou can't manage (or improve) what you don't measure. What metric, statistic or key indicator will you use to determine if your practice website is returning its investment?

A hundred years ago, a department store owner by the name of John Wanamaker observed that "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

With the advent of digital media this frustration is coming to an end. These days the online behaviors of website visitors can be recorded, parsed, analyzed, sliced and diced to an excruciating detail never before imagined. This data can provide helpful feedback about the performance of your website. There are several tools you should know about:

  • Google Analytics – By adding an unseen snippet of code to each page of your website, the typical behaviors of website visitors can be captured. This can include how long visitors spend on each page and which pages receive the most visitors.
  • New Patient Tracker – While Google can give you broad averages, the New Patient Tracker (introduced by Smile Marketing) reveals the behaviors of those who actually become new patients. This is critical data that can improve a website's ability to turn visitors into new patients—a key aspect of the emerging art and science of "conversion."
  • Heat Maps – This technology tracks the usability of your website, revealing where visitors click—or don't click. This data is helpful in diagnosing underperforming websites and design effectiveness, navigation optimization and even the ideal color and placement of links and buttons.

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